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Eurincasso - We are your efficient partner for debt collection services

Your customers don’t pay all their invoices on time? That’s a problem, because invoices that are paid too late sooner or later lead to liquidity problems. If payment fails altogether, this puts a particular strain on companies’ capital cover. That’s why effective debt collection is crucial for companies if their own liquidity is not to suffer. After all, you have previously delivered a flawless service, which must also be paid. With our debt collection services, we make sure that you get what is owed to you.

Concentrate on your core business – we make sure that your service is paid!

Collection services from Eurincasso GmbH

Collection services refer to the businesslike collection of third-party receivables – and that is what we offer you at Eurincasso GmbH. For many years we have specialized in helping you to get your rights, using modern forms of IT and communication.

The result: you can concentrate fully on your core business, because we take over the collection of your outstanding debts for you – with our empathetic and efficient debt collection management. As an intermediary between creditor and debtor, we not only effectively minimize your outstanding debts, but also work in such a way that your customer relationship is maintained and, in the best case, even strengthened.

The economic significance of debt collection is impressive: year after year, millions of euros in lost capital are recovered; and the trend is rising. So you too can benefit from the economic advantages of professional debt collection!

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Innovative collection services - the right service package for every need

Our specially trained employees know the challenges and consequences of debt collection proceedings from many years of experience. Through their sympathetic but consistent approach, they achieve their goal: a convincing collection rate that strengthens your business relationships and prevents you from suffering from payment arrears.

We distinguish between three different collection pursuit intensities:

  • Out-of-court debt collection is the first step in recovering an outstanding invoice. Your debtors are asked to pay the arrears in an individual procedure agreed with you. The debtor is offered different repayment modalities if required. All steps are monitored and corresponded with by us.
  • Judicial debt collection is often the necessary second step. If it becomes necessary to initiate judicial debt collection, we instruct a lawyer we trust. Your preferred attorney can also be entrusted with this task.
  • If the financial situation of your debtor does not allow the settlement of the claim for the time being, we offer dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring. Because the situation can change: A new job, an inheritance … we keep an eye on your debtor’s creditworthiness.

These are your advantages with Eurincasso GmbH:

  • You reduce your payment defaults.
  • You secure your liquidity and financial planning through our high debt collection rate.
  • You secure your competitiveness, as payment defaults do not have to be passed on to your prices.
  • You save personnel and fixed costs and can focus on your core business.
  • You can rely on our expertise and tact; we keep an eye on maintaining the business relationship with your customers.
  • You enjoy transparency and an overview of all transactions at all times.
  • You can hand over new receivables to us for collection at any time.
  • You can handle all forms of collection with us from a single source – we are your partner for complete solutions.
  • You have a serious and responsible debt collection partner.

Fast, simple, satisfied: This is how debt collection works with Eurincasso GmbH

Overdue invoices? Liquidity bottlenecks? A lot of work with the recovery of outstanding debts? Problem recognised!

Choose a tailor-made offer from Eurincasso and define your collection procedure individually.

After receiving your outstanding debts, we take the necessary steps in the collection process and claim the money you deserve.

More liquidity, less administration. Goal achieved :)

For whom are the services of Eurincasso suitable?

No matter if you are a medium-sized company or a large corporation – we at Eurincasso GmbH are the right contact for you and handle your debt collection professionally. Nevertheless, every industry has its specific requirements. Because both the customer structure and the causes of a payment delay can differ. It is therefore a matter of course for us to pursue suitable and industry-specific strategies that are tailored to the type of debt, the amount of the debt and the creditworthiness of the debtor.  Other industries in which we are particularly specialized can be found here . However, this does not exclude other industries. Please feel free to contact us – together we will develop target-oriented solutions!

Managing Director Roland Zuckerstätter

The Austrian debt collection industry supports the economy and massively relieves the courts in the process. If there were no collection agencies like Eurincasso GmbH, many overdue claims would have to be dealt with in court - the result would be further delays, additional demands on the judiciary and ultimately the economic burden on creditors due to later realization of outstanding debts - I am convinced of this!

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