Judicial debt collection: Legal help when it becomes necessary

Chasing after your money is not only a nuisance, it also ties up valuable liquidity as well as resources and can have a negative impact on the profitability of your company. Therefore, you should always take appropriate measures to persuade the debtor to pay justified claims. If our out-of-court collection measures to realize your claim remain unsuccessful, or if a debtor does not keep the promises he has made, the next step is to take legal action.

This is how judicial debt collection works

We entrust the judicial collection to our trusted lawyer or, if you wish, to your in-house lawyer. The lawyer takes care of the judicial debt collection and all related measures. This also ensures that the statute of limitations for your claim is suspended. Even if the debtor’s economic situation does not currently allow you to settle your claim, this can change at any time and you will still be entitled to your money decades later. Our lawyer will ensure that deadlines are met and that your rights are safeguarded – so you will hardly have any additional expenses even if the debt is collected in court. In addition, in coordination with you, we will immediately initiate further steps through the lawyer, should there be an objection.

Otherwise, we can initiate enforcement measures by our lawyer at any time with the existing enforcement title on your behalf and have the titled claim enforced. In addition, our lawyer can of course also initiate measures against third-party debtors of the debtor. So you can be sure, even in the case of a judicial debt collection, that the applications as well as the monitoring of deadlines will be actively taken care of and, in the case of foreclosure, you can also be sure that the requested measures will be implemented quickly.



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The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

Debt collection

Domestic collection

Foreign debt collection

Debt collection on site

Out-of-court debt collection

Judicial debt collection

Dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring

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We decided to work with a professional debt collection agency in 2021. Out of several companies under consideration, we chose EURINCASSO. The results have exceeded our expectations. We have customers from more than 80 countries and Eurincasso has helped us in all regions, whether domestic, EU foreign or non-EU, to greatly reduce our rate of uncollectible receivables without language barriers and with the involvement of their local partners. We have found an efficient, customer-friendly and long-term partner and have meanwhile extended the cooperation from one of our properties to all Austrian properties.
Christoph Dollenz
Head of Sales, MILESTONE Student Living

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