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In banking, current account overdrafts and overdue loans are part of day-to-day business – and it is not only in economically difficult times that special attention must be paid to this circumstance. The optimization of process flows contributes to the fact that an efficient partner for the collection of overdue receivables is also of immense importance in banking.

It is our special concern to assist banking institutions from different organizations in Austria (but also internationally) in the collection of overdue receivables. In addition to current account overdrafts, the servicing of overdue loans is one of our main activities in cooperation with various banks. The fact that banks have to process numerous “old cases”, often over decades, spurs us on to look for solutions. Because we are specialized in exactly such debt collection cases. Old cases, in which we can use a kind of “surprise effect on the debtor”, represent a not so small part of our debt collection activities. Of course, this involves a lot of work. Often the debtor has changed his or her home address, family circumstances have changed and, of course, the financial situation of credit customers has often changed, so that after gathering all the relevant details, a completely new picture may emerge. And because of this, debtors react in completely different ways. These reactions must be processed and ultimately brought to a solution. This solution should be called (depending on the situation) either full payment or settlement payment. Our solution-oriented work often ends in a settlement, e.g. to prevent insolvency, which as expected ends with a lower quota than we can achieve through mediation. Our work should therefore be to your advantage. In particularly stubborn and protracted cases we also have to prove that we are persistent. We are constantly proving this – see for yourself!

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Collection of bank receivables by Eurincasso GmbH

For many years, Eurincasso GmbH has been supporting various banks in the collection of overdue receivables. It does not matter to us whether it is a matter of current account overdrafts or open loans. We are the reliable partner for the collection of overdue receivables in the banking sector.

Debt collection for banks: the advantages for credit institutions

  • We take care of getting your overdue receivables paid quickly!
  • We take over annoying tasks from you / e.g. the agreement of installment payments, inquiries regarding debtors who have moved or telephone calls of any kind.
  • We clear up ambiguities and coordinate the way to a constructive solution.
  • You can continue to devote yourself to the banking business with all its facets – we take care of the rest for you.
  • At Eurincasso, you have a personal contact person who will develop the collection strategies that are right for you: from out-of-court debt collection to judicial collection to bad debt collection / long-term monitoring.


Get to know the complete service portfolio of Eurincasso

The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

Debt collection

Domestic collection

Foreign debt collection

Debt collection on site

Out-of-court debt collection

Judicial debt collection

Dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring

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How can banks can benefit from our services?

  • out-of-court procedure – we can determine in a relatively short time whether or when a debt collection makes sense.
  • we are specialized in pursuing (mostly value-adjusted) receivables / we are happy to search the “basement” with you for potential debt collection cases.
  • Long-term monitoring – we do not lose sight of your debtors / some are surprised to be confronted with an open (albeit old) claim again after so many years.
  • Estimation of the cost risk / especially with old cases you don’t want to throw good money after bad – we keep an eye on it for you!

Collect overdue receivables effectively with Eurincasso GmbH

We know the problems of non-payers in banking very well from many years of cooperation.

Thanks to this knowledge in the collection of overdue debts, we are able in many cases to find a satisfactory agreement between you and your debtors already in the out-of-court area – the attempt of mediation is very helpful here.

If you have problems with the timely receipt of your outstanding receivables and are interested in debt collection, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and find a suitable solution for you!

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I am particularly fond of the banking sector - in view of the often decades-old outstanding debts, which are also correspondingly value-adjusted, the involvement of an external third party can always be very effective - especially in this area, 99% of the time it is a so-called dubious debt collection! The effect: "No economic effort for our clients ... / ..every Euro a profit!"
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