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We take care that you get your money. Professional, uncomplicated and with the necessary tact.
Eurincasso GmbH is your provider for industry-independent debt collection services.

Our primary goal is to realize your outstanding receivables and to achieve a quick payment of your outstanding debts. With our profound knowledge and experience in all aspects of the debt collection business, we consistently stand up for you.

Our customer base includes:

Direct sales

Basically, however, we work independently of any industry and can offer debt collection services in any business sector.

Our task is to be an intermediary between you as a creditor and your debtors, so that your justified claims are also paid. Our market-specific focus enables us to understand the relationships between creditors and debtors from both perspectives. To this end, our employees are regularly trained accordingly. They act quickly and are service-oriented.

Professionalism, empathy and respect are a matter of course for us – and absolute seriousness in any case. As a result, in the vast majority of cases we succeed not only in achieving a high debt collection rate, but even in easing the strained situation between creditor and debtor. This allows you to continue your business relationship as partners again. Our work is transparent in all phases for both client and debtor.

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Strongly positioned: These values are important to us

Trust is our top priority. Equally important to us is respectful interaction at eye level. For us, these are the foundations of a solid and successful partnership, which are particularly important in the debt collection business.

We always coordinate our approach on an individual basis and are therefore in close contact with our customers. This enables us to adapt to the specific needs of the industry in the best possible way. Customized service processes and communication channels are very important to us, because we know very well what external effects invoice-related processes can have. For this reason, diligence, transparency, accuracy and empathy are not empty words for us.

In the age of digitalization: How technology helps with debt collection

Not all debt collection is the same. The number of market players is increasing every year, and with it the scope of legal requirements and regulations. Against this background, clients expect ever greater transparency and efficiency. That is why we are constantly developing our services to offer you the best possible service. The best example is our client login as well as the online order form, which provides you with the desired flexibility and transparency at all times.

The advantages of the Eurincasso GmbH client login and online order form:

  • simple order transmission possible at any time
  • optimal overview of file number, debtor and residual claim
  • informative detailed views of the status of proceedings, type of agreement and amount of installment payment
  • efficient communication

Additional service is provided through the debtor portal. Here, the debtor is seen as a customer who is offered:

  • a wide range of options for direct payment
  • Fast processing of flexible installment payment modalities
  • daily updated lists of receivables
  • fast and efficient contacting of the debtor with the collection company

We are happy to individually map the entire collection process, from the transfer of receivables data to the settlement and disbursement of funds, according to your needs. Here we focus on your requirements.

Eurincasso GmbH: our way of working – your liquidity

– fast response times
– immediate inflow of liquidity
– high success rates due to communicative skills
– transparent costs
– professional and serious processes
– preservation of your customer relationship
– lean and unbureaucratic processing
– individual and precisely tailored to your needs

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Roland Zuckerstätter
For more than 35 years, I have been involved in the collection of overdue receivables - the basis for successful debt collection is reliability, know-how and the perseverance of our receivables managers. Proximity to the debtor is immensely important. Only in this way can even supposedly lost claims still be realized - imagination is in demand! This is what Eurincasso GmbH has stood for for more than 30 years!
Roland Zuckerstätter
Managing Director Eurincasso GmbH

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