Out-of-court debt collection: How to keep your debtor as your customer

Surely, collecting outstanding debts is not your main occupation. Dunning runs can cost a lot of time, energy, nerves and ultimately money. What’s more, when it comes to open invoices, dialogs are often very unpleasant and put a strain on customer relations. Nevertheless, a solid, tight dunning process is of immense importance as a precursor to professional debt collection, as it leads to the settlement of a high percentage of your outstanding debts.

For example, there are debtors who would like to meet the demands but have not paid through no fault of their own or due to an oversight. In such cases, going straight to the lawyer or to court is often not the ideal decision. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to that – the solution: out-of-court debt collection.

Out-of-court debt collection from Eurincasso – for optimal customer experience

With our many years of experience in debt collection and the great commitment of our receivables managers, we have a range of methods at our disposal with which we can support you effectively even without going to court.
Our recipe for success: an individual approach – depending on the type of debt, the amount of the debt and the creditworthiness of the debtor – close cooperation with renowned credit agencies in case of need and, of course, our friendly and professional communication with your customer. We try to grasp the interrelationships and work in a well-versed, fast and service-oriented manner. Your customers are as important to us as they are to you. As a result, in most cases we succeed not only in achieving a high realization rate, but often even in easing the strained situation between creditor and debtor. So that you can continue to work together successfully and in partnership in the future.

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Roland Zuckerstätter
The Austrian debt collection industry supports the economy and thereby massively relieves the courts / if there were not debt collection agencies such as Eurincasso GmbH, many overdue claims would have to be dealt with in court - the result would be further delays, additional demands on the judiciary and ultimately the economic burden on creditors through later realization of outstanding debts - I am convinced of this!"
Roland Zuckerstätter
Managing Director Eurincasso GmbH

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This is how out-of-court debt collection works: Successful through professional receivables management

In out-of-court debt collection, you instruct us to pursue your claim and we contact your debtor.

We realize the claim for you on the basis of the collection order given to us.

The following basic options for action are available:

  • Appropriate approach to the debtor: friendly, but consistent
  • Offer of various payment options
  • Arrangement and monitoring of installment payment agreements

If necessary, these activities are accompanied by obtaining creditworthiness information and – if necessary – researching addresses at service providers and residents’ registration offices.

Should it not be possible to collect the outstanding debts out of court, we can fall back on a large number of competent lawyers. We are also happy to instruct the lawyer of your choice to take legal action.

The advantages of out-of-court debt collection

  • Reduction of your payment defaults
  • More liquidity and capital
  • Higher competitiveness and price stability
  • Reduction of personnel and fixed costs through professional, IT-supported processes
  • Mediation and customer retention by an outside third party
  • Industry-specific approach
  • Flexibility and transparency in the customer portal

Customer testimonial

We decided to work with a professional debt collection agency in 2021. Out of several companies under consideration, we chose EURINCASSO. The results have exceeded our expectations. We have customers from more than 80 countries and Eurincasso has helped us in all regions, whether domestic, EU foreign or non-EU, to greatly reduce our rate of uncollectible receivables without language barriers and with the involvement of their local partners. We have found an efficient, customer-friendly and long-term partner and have meanwhile extended the cooperation from one of our properties to all Austrian properties.
Christoph Dollenz
Head of Sales, MILESTONE Student Living

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The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

Debt collection

Domestic collection

Foreign debt collection

Debt collection on site

Out-of-court debt collection

Judicial debt collection

Dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring

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