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Unpaid invoices and growing outstanding debts are a danger for every company. We at Eurincasso offer you debt collection with the right mix of professionalism and tact. This way you put unpaid invoices in good hands!

There are many good reasons why professional debt collection is worthwhile for your company. If customers pay their invoices too late or not at all, this inevitably leads to a loss of liquidity. If the receivables are not paid even after several reminders, you should act.

On the one hand, your already earned capital is tied up and on the other hand, a correspondingly high amount of work arises in your administration, which takes attention away from your core business.

The solution: A debt collection specialist with tact!

Eurincasso – we take over your debt collection in a customer-friendly and professional manner

As a collection specialist with many years of experience, we know the problems that arise when invoices are not paid and we also know that in most cases you still want to keep your debtors as customers. That is why we are happy to take on these special collection tasks for you. So save yourself the working time, personnel costs and also nerves when collecting your overdue invoices – with Eurincasso you are in good hands.

In our debt collection services, we always act in your best interest with the necessary professionalism, experience and empathy. It often turns out that an appropriate demand letter by us as a collection company is already enough to finally realize your claim. You yourself do not have to worry about anything when it comes to debt collection. We take care of all tasks of the collection procedure in prior consultation with you and initiate the necessary steps. Continuous and transparent reporting is a matter of course in our collection activities.

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Roland Zuckerstätter

Good to know!

“the effect of third parties” has been one of my hobbyhorses in debt collection for many years – one is surprised what effect the involvement of a third party achieves if one knows how to use it…. – …all of a sudden communication is possible again / solutions can be tackled – in a large number of debt collection cases it comes to a positive conclusion of a file”.

Roland Zuckerstätter
Managing Director Eurincasso GmbH

The advantages of debt collection services at Eurincasso

  • Securing your liquidity by reducing outstanding debts
  • High recovery rate through professional, IT-supported processes
  • Reduction of internal costs, as your own employees can devote themselves to core activities
  • Modern payment options
  • Empathic debt collection by specially trained, highly qualified receivables managers
  • Securing your price stability and competitiveness
  • Access to a strong network of partners and lawyers
  • Process transparency and flexibility at all times through the online customer portal and regular success statistics
  • Complete solutions
  • Cost-effective conditions

Let us analyze your current situation!

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for more growth – free of charge and without obligation!

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Our collection services – as flexible as your requirements

As a professional debt collection service provider, we place particular emphasis on the out-of-court collection of your receivables. This means that we use our many years of experience in the field of debt collection to help you get your money and ultimately your rights without going to court.

Your advantages with our out-of-court debt collection: the fast payment of your receivables without court proceedings saves costs, preserves your customer relationship and your good reputation.

When our debt collection starts

Our debt collection services usually begin when you have already completed a commercial dunning procedure without success and the debt has still not been paid. This means that debt collection can only take place if there is a delay in payment for a correctly rendered service, reminders have already been sent and the claims have not yet been asserted in court. If this is the case with you, we will be happy to discuss the options for action with you, which we should coordinate based on the creditworthiness of your debtors. This usually includes the following debt collection activities, the progress of which we will report to you on a regular basis:

  • Appropriate debtor approach: friendly, but consistent
  • Address research
  • Agreement and monitoring of installment agreements
  • Assignment of contract attorneys
  • Dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring


Get to know the complete service portfolio of Eurincasso

The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

Debt collection

Domestic collection

Foreign debt collection

Debt collection on site

Out-of-court debt collection

Judicial debt collection

Dubious debt collection / long-term monitoring

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Small individual orders or high invoice amounts: We are your partner for the collection of your receivables!

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, we will work with you to develop individual solutions or offer you tried-and-tested, successful collection models.

How exactly does the collection process work?

Thanks to our many years of experience as a debt collection provider, we have been able to develop efficient processes with the advantages of a high recovery rate and the preservation of important customer relationships. Hand over your overdue invoices to us and we will take care of everything else for you.
We will be happy to discuss the individual details that are most appropriate for your situation and your industry with you personally. Of course, the whole process is free of charge and without obligation!

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Debt collection at eye level – so that your customers also remain customers

Since your debtors are also your customers, we proceed with extreme caution when collecting your receivables. Our goal as a debt collection service provider is not only to get you your money, but also to optimize the customer experience.

We act towards your customers according to your conception.

To this end, we consult with you in detail. The best prerequisites for long-lasting, successful customer relationships.

Eurincasso GmbH – your collection specialists

Our experience shows: Fortunately, the collection of overdue receivables is not part of the daily business for most companies. It is practically always worthwhile to hand over the defaulting debtors to a specialized debt collection service provider such as Eurincasso GmbH. Because we know what to do. So you can be sure that your liquidity will increase and your receivables will be realized. Our eloquent and trained receivables managers take over the necessary steps professionally and routinely – saving you time, nerves and costs that you can better invest in your core business.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you and find the best solution together!

Use our online order and send us your outstanding receivables quickly and easily!

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Customer testimonial

In Eurincasso we have found a reliable partner for the settlement of our outstanding receivables since 1999. We appreciate the fast, transparent, always reliable and always friendly way of working of Eurincasso. For us it is certain - the cooperation was successful in the past and will remain so in the future.
Claudia Neumann
THV-Süd GmbH, Baden-Baden

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