On-site debt collection - clarifying discussions with the debtor

Through targeted debt collection trips, employees trained for field work investigate directly on site and try to have a clarifying conversation with the debtor. Personal intervention can be extremely profitable in debt collection cases where time is of the essence, and can provide insights that would otherwise only be possible through the involvement of a detective agency.

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Advantages for you with on-site debt collection: A personal picture of the debtor!

The personal intervention depends on several factors. First of all, it is a question of economy whether to initiate a personal intervention. The cost is enormous and the prospects of success are relatively low. So what is the point? A personal visit should provide more insight into the debtor’s life situation! We want to know whether or what possibilities a debtor has to get rid of his debts! Is there a possibility to come to an agreement? I.e., personal intervention is in very few cases the basis for an actual debt collection or a recurring installment agreement, which is also personally monitored and collected month after month. Rather, our commitment is to be close to the debtor, making him forcefully aware that our client has not yet given up on his debt and is not ready to write it off for good. The debtor is therefore required to offer a solution in order to have peace of mind in the short, medium or even long term. Especially in the banking sector, we have very good experience with personal interventions.

Effect of third parties: Eurincasso is your external third party

Also in the case of on-site debt collection, proximity to the debtor and our communication with the debtor is the cornerstone for success! We try to resolve disputes in direct conversation. You enjoy the advantage of no longer having to deal with the debtor yourself, which is often impossible at this level. Eurincasso supports you in taking out the emotions and bringing negotiations back to a factual level.  Often it is a matter of titled claims, where it is only a matter of working out a solution. A great deal of tact is required here. You can be sure of our professional support. The economic efficiency is in the foreground. We sound out for you which solutions make sense. At the end of the day, you should be able to achieve the best possible result. Agreed and monitored by Eurincasso GmbH.

Success factor #1 in on-site debt collection: installment agreements

Partial payment agreements are also an adequate means to initiate the positive settlement of a debt collection. Especially in a personal conversation, the possibilities can be explored how to settle the debt collection case without having to call in a lawyer again. We conclude an agreement in your interest with the debtor in a simple but effective way and, of course, we also monitor the payment in installments. In case of late payment, we take care of the further steps.

Success factor #2 in on-site debt collection: trusted attorneys

If no out-of-court solution succeeds, we can fall back on extremely experienced lawyers of confidence, with whom we maintain cooperations. You as our customer also profit from this – you use these often long-standing connections! If you wish, you can also involve your own trusted lawyer in the procedure. The only change for the future would be that all correspondence is handled by Eurincasso – again a saving for you, because we reduce attorney reports for you to the essentials and include them in the status report.

Success factor #3 in on-site debt collection: Our reporting system

We keep you informed of any new developments in the course of a file by means of a progress report, which you are welcome to consult online whenever you want – you decide how much information you want.


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The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

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