Foreign debt collection

In the case of exports, unfortunately, late payments from foreign business partners often occur. Difficulties with the local language and an unfamiliar legal situation can make successful receivables management difficult. This is where competent help is needed!

We overcome borders or language barriers and do our utmost to quickly obtain payments or reach agreements. Excellent connections to long-standing partners and lawyers all over the world enable us to provide you with international support and competent advice.

Eurincasso acts as a mediator.

Often, more can be achieved through intensive out-of-court collection than through court proceedings.
We weigh up the chances of success for you and, in the event of a legal dispute, take over the correspondence with the local representation – worldwide!

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Our advantages in foreign debt collection: Proximity to the debtor despite geographical distance

One of the great advantages of Eurincasso is that we always stay close to the debtor despite geographical distance and language barriers – we therefore remain your extended arm in receivables management even abroad. Our highly trained employees cover up to 6 foreign languages worldwide. Solid communication is the cornerstone of being able to realize your claim. We try to resolve disputes. You enjoy the advantage of no longer having to take care of the collection of your receivables yourself, but of being professionally supported by Eurincasso.

Effect of third parties: Eurincasso is your mediator for foreign debt collection

Handing over the debt collection to an external third party also helps to overcome barriers abroad and to reduce a lot of emotions. Being able to communicate in the local language as a third party enables both the creditor and the debtor to resolve inconsistencies and misunderstandings – we listen! Often, trivialities are the reason why disproportionately high shares of invoices are not paid. Communication comes to a standstill and payments fall by the wayside! A constructive conversation makes things easier. Similar to a mediator, Eurincasso steers the course of a debt collection as best it can in the right direction – of course, the economic efficiency is in the foreground. We sound out for you which solutions make sense. At the end of the day, you should be able to achieve the best possible result. Agreed and monitored by Eurincasso GmbH.

Success factor #1 in foreign debt collection: installment payment plans

Installment agreements are also an effective means of initiating the positive settlement of a debt collection abroad. Especially in the international arena, creditors are often reluctant to transfer the matter to a lawyer for collection – different countries, different customs! We conclude an agreement in your interest with the debtor in a simple but effective way and, of course, we also monitor the payment in installments. In case of late payment we take care of the further steps. There is hardly any language barrier for us. So you are optimally looked after.

Success factor #2 in foreign debt collection: trusted attorneys

If no out-of-court solution can be found, we can call on the services of highly experienced lawyers or partner offices around the world, most of whom we have worked with for many years. As a client, you also benefit from such relationships – you use our excellent connections to worldwide partners. Of course, you can also retain your own lawyer of confidence. The only change for the future would be that all correspondence will be handled by Eurincasso – again a saving for you, because we reduce lawyer reports for you to the essentials.

Success factor #3 in foreign debt collection: Our reporting system

We keep you informed of any new developments in the course of a file by means of a status report, which you are welcome to consult online whenever you want – you decide how much information you want to have.

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The Eurincasso service packages are modularly structured in order to offer you the exact services that fit your requirements, depending on the amount of the claim:

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I have now been working for Eurincasso GmbH in the foreign debt collection department for over 15 years. We operate worldwide and handle receivables around the globe. In the course of this, the company has also enabled me to take further training in Russian, as we do handle a number of cases in Russia. It fills me with joy - and of course also a little pride - when we manage to realize receivables from e.g. Chile, Japan, or Saudi Arabia - just to name a few.
Christiane Greisberger
Foreign Debt Collection Department, Eurincasso GmbH