When the customer doesn't pay your transport invoice: tips to increase the payment rate in the transport industry

As a transport company, you depend on the timely payment of your invoices. After all, the costs for rent or leasing have to be paid as well as personnel and material costs. Unfortunately, however, many forwarders are experiencing more and more frequently that customers pay the forwarding invoice well after the deadline or not at all. Such bad debts are difficult for most forwarding companies to absorb financially. But the solution does not always have to be the involvement of a collection agency. Often, it is enough to adjust various parameters yourself in order to improve cash flow in the company.

With targeted invoice management in your industry, you can remain financially flexible and secure better room for maneuver for your business. Because with a good cash flow, for example, more follow-up orders can be accepted. Therefore, it is even more important here that your invoices are paid quickly.

With the following tips for improving your invoice management in the transport sector, we would like to help you significantly increase your payment rate and prevent bad debt losses.

Tip 1 for forwarders: transparent cost agreements

Create transparent cost agreements and include appropriate extensions in the agreement if the customer requests additional services during the cooperation.

Tip 2 for forwarders: traceable invoices or complete documentation

Make sure that all documents related to the respective transport are complete (transport order, order confirmation, consignment bill, original consignment bill / CMR, if possible “by registered mail”, invoice).

Tip 3 for forwarders: complete invoice details with payment deadline

When submitting your invoice, make sure that the required information is complete.

Tip 4 for forwarders: short limitation period

Pay attention to the short limitation periods in the transport business. We therefore advise you to handle the dunning process tightly.

Tip 5 for forwarders: collection of outstanding transport or warehouse invoices

Hand over defaulting payers directly to Eurincasso GmbH and concentrate on your core tasks. We will take over the time-consuming and nerve-racking task of collecting overdue receivables for you. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business and we, as collection specialists, can work out a viable solution with your customers. Always with the preservation of your business relationship in mind!


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Roland Zuckerstätter
Managing Director of Eurincasso GmbH, based in Salzburg. For more than 30 years, he has supported companies at home and abroad in the collection of overdue receivables